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Community Partners

We value our community partners and their work with youth in Merced.  You can volunteer to assist in the work they do by contacting them to ask if any help is needed.  Please visit the Community Partners Page for more.

Mentoring Program Team

We are building a Black Youth mentoring program that will be housed on campus.  It will be on select Saturdays (6 in fall and 5 in Spring with an overnight Yosemite trip in April). We welcome faculty and staff (to oversee one or more sessions), students (to serve as mentors or graduate coordinators), and community members as chaperones. Please visit our Signature Programs page for more on the mentoring program and contact us via email if you have any questions.

Serve in a Position

We would love to have more perspectives on how to make the organization most helpful for the Black community that we represent.  If you have ideas on how we can better advocate, it would be our pleasure for you to serve within the organization in one of the following position openings.  

Please check to see which volunteer opportunities are open to you by looking for these designations next to the listing: S=Staff F=Faculty St=Students C=Community Members

Administrative- taking minutes, (S,F,St,C)

Event Planning- planning events, setting up zoom events, moderating chat, (S,F,St,C) 

EDI rep- attending Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion meetings to report back, (S,F,St)

Communications- sending emails and calendar invites, contacting speakers and constructing end of the year report and newsletter, (S,F,St) 

Treasurer- keeping track of the budget and completing payment paperwork, (S,F)

One of two Facilitators- one to open events by introducing speakers and moderate Q&A and one to moderate the chat (on zoom events (S,F,St,C)

Please contact us by email if you have any questions about these position openings.