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Black Alliance Committees

1. Communications & Marketing 

The Communication and Marketing committee spearheads the Black Alliance social media, encompassing Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and any other social media and website. Members design graphics, pitch feature ideas, and connect with students, faculty and staff to celebrate accomplishments, promote new member recruitment, and highlight program opportunities, resources, and events.  Black Alliance values diversity in opinion, thought, and experience and hopes to cultivate an environment that demonstrates this. The Communication & Marketing committee strives to ensure that the Black Alliance is a safe space for all members and that they have the resources necessary to learn and grow professionally and contribute their thoughts to program practices. They will also create the year-end report.

2. Website Development and Maintenance 

The Website Committee serves in an oversight role for the Black Alliance website. As such, they maintain content, ensure the quality of the content, and administer the system and features of the website. The Committee troubleshoots issues and updates content. The Website Committee communicates with other committees regarding website content and management.

3. Outreach & Event Planning

The Outreach and Event Planning Committee promotes stakeholder awareness of issues, events, and activities.  Members of this committee create calendar invites for meetings, send out email updates, keep our email list current, as well as do outreach to speakers to coordinate their talks.  They develop a calendar of events each year that support our advocacy, educational, and fundraising goals.  They also coordinate and facilitate events.

4. Budget

The budget committee oversees the allocation of financial resources and allocates funds accordingly for organizational needs. The budget committee produces and updates an organization's budget as funds are spent, keeps track of how much is left, ensures that all use of funds is approved, providing updates to the members of the organization on the plans to use funds.